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Hot Spots

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Hot Spots


Hot Spots are a skin disorder in dogs that occurs more often in summer months.  Also called Moist Eczema or Summer Sores, Hot Spots are defined as suddenly appearing, moist, raw circular patches of infection on the skin that create intense itching and irritation.  Hot Spots can appear suddenly anywhere on a dog's body and may spread rapidly. 


It is believed that anything that irritates or breaks the skin mixed with moisture and bacteria can be a recipe for a hot spot eruption.  In humid weather, a dog's skin and fur may not dry completely from baths, swimming, rain, or even rolling in wet grass, etc.  A sore or bug bite could then make an open spot in the skin where bacteria grows.

For prevention purposes, keep your dog especially well groomed in hot seasons & try to keep your dog's skin dry in general. (Some people choose to shave their dog's fur.  The dry air from air conditioning should help also.)  Cats rarely develop this skin condition. 

Contact your vet right away if you see moist open sores, circular patches, and/or your dog is scratching to the point of self injury.  If your dog does develop Hot Spots, daily cleaning of the Hot Spots with hydrogen peroxide or sterile saline, multiple times/day the first day or two, will help speed up healing.   A topical anti-bacterial ointment will help inhibit the growth of the bacteria.   It is best to trim or shave the fur around the affected area to assist with drying.   Your vet may have additional suggestions.


One more note for July: 

Most animals do not like the loud noises of fireworks.  Please put your pet indoors in a safe spot during festivities on the 4th!  If your pet is particularly afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks, we recommend leaving a TV or radio on for them to distract from the pops and bangs.

Happy Summertime from Fairy Dogparents!



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