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Training Consultation Form

Fill out the form below to begin your private Training and Behavior Advice sessions.

Please be as detailed as possible and be sure to hit the submit button below to send your information.  Thank you!

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Dog's Name
Dog's age and date of birth
Breed of dog
How did you adopt your dog (breeder, shelter, etc.)?
Date you adopted your dog
Reasons you selected this dog:
Vet name, address and phone number
Any health issues, allergies, etc?
Medications for your dog:
What behavioral or training issues are you seeking help with?
When did the issues begin?
What do you think is causing the problems or issues?
What methods have you tried to correct or train the issues?
What results have you had with the above methods?
Please list any training education your dog has had:
What commands/words does your dog know and respond to?
How many persons are in your household
How many children under 2 live with this dog?
How many children 2-4 years old live with this dog?
How many children 5-12 years old live with this dog?
How many teenagers live with this dog?
Please list any other pets in the household:
How does your dog interact with the other pets? Who would you say is in charge/dominant among the pets?
What is your dog's diet (schedule and amounts)?
Who feeds the dog?
Does your dog his/her meal all at once or do you free feed?
Other notes about feeding (for example, do you have your dog sit before giving him/her the food?)
Do you give your dog treats?
Is your dog given table scraps/people food?
What are some of the house rules for your dog?
Who trains the dog?
How often do you work with your dog on training?
What training methods have you tried?
How responsive is your dog to the training?
Who disciplines the dog?
How is that done?
Where does your dog sleep?
Is your dog kennel trained? Does s/he use a kennel?
What is your dog's exercise routine?
How many hours of exercise does your dog get per day?
What are your dog's favorite ways to play?
How many hours per day does your dog spend alone (typical weekday)?
How does your dog resond to strangers?
How does your dog respond to children?
How does your dog respond to other dogs?
How does your dog respond to other animals (non-canine)?
How much time can you commit per day to working with your dog on training issues?
Have you had any recent changes in household or lifestyle (moved, new pets, new baby, someone moved in or out, etc.)?
Please write any other comments here:

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